Fair lines produce good government

Drawing Lines/Mapping

Our staff has drawn legislative, supervisorial, city council, school board and special district seats across California. Our experience in redistricting goes back almost two decades.


Our data-driven approach and extensive knowledge in redistricting allows our team to draw lines that will more accurately and fairly represent all members of your community. Our Chief Demographer will ensure that you understand the different demographics in your district and what that means for the larger goal of drafting equitable boundaries.

Coalition Building

The team at Redistricting Insights has worked in every county in the state of California, and in many states around the country, making us uniquely positioned to identify and communicate with stakeholders in a variety of communities.

Racially Polarized Voting Analysis

We recognize the critical role the California Voting Rights Act and US Voting Rights Act play in the drafting of proposed district lines. That is why our team works with your legal counsel to ensure you have the information and data necessary to draw compliant and fair boundaries that elevate the engagement of all segments of your community.

Political Analysis

With two decades of experience in redistricting, our team has an intimate understanding of the far reaching implications involved in drawing new boundaries. We give your team insights into past trends and assist in forecasting future trends, so you know the options available in preparing your district for the future.

Community Relations

Redistricting Insights boasts an impressive track record of working at the local level to gather feedback from the community and use it in guiding productive dialogue between the community and local electeds.

Our team of bi-lingual facilitators help create a more equitable environment, drawing out more engagement from minority communities in the redistricting process.


Matt Rexroad

Matt Rexroad

Fabian Valdez Jr

Fabian Valdez Jr.

Ryan Gardiner

Ryan Gardiner


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